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Brand Video with Presenter

The best promotional video: Brand Video with Presenter

We know from experience that viewers accept information best from other people. It works better than product shots or animated videos. That’s why we came up with a concept for promotional video, which we call Brand Video with Presenter.

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What will you get? 3 main advantages

  • The video is dynamic and delivers information to your customers in a personal way
  • We give your company a face (and a mouth) through our great actor, which will deliver what’s important in a short 2-3 minute video
  • It will hold viewers’ attention—statistics show us that at least 80% of people watch it until the end

Promotional video is a genre in which we have trodden our own way. We use unique and proven ingredients that repeatedly reap success for our clients.

How does the production work?

  1. First it’s us who needs to understand what makes your business unique and what should your customers or clients know about you
    (~60-minute call)
  2. We send you a price proposal and a detailed script via Google Drive, where you’ll be able to correct or explain anything
    (in a week)
  3. We discuss locations, time schedule and get our video gear ready so that the videoshoot works out smoothly
    (usually 2 shooting days)
  4. From collected material we send you the first and finalized version of the video that you can already release
    (within 2 weeks)
  5. You get a chance to correct and tweak the video to perfection with 2 free revision rounds
    (we send you a new version in a week)

You can post the finished video on your website within a month from now.

For a quickly arranged video shoot it can be done as soon as .

Why is Brand Video effective?

From experience we know that every successful company or project uses its unique approach or so called secret sauce. It's your company gold you know exactly what it is, but explaining it in a few words isn't easy. Generally it tends to be a combination of strong suits that your prospects fully understand once they become your customers or clients.

Let us discover this gold and show it to the world. Our video can be your new spokesperson.


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